Back from spain

So as not to leave you hanging, I just want to report that we are back and had a great time in Spain. We went from Granada to Sevilla to Madrid, by plane and rail in 8 days. Spain is a very interesting and fun country.

Hello from Spain

Geeking out from an Internet Cafe in Granada, Spain. We´re here for a short vacation, and we have a little time to kill this afternoon so I thought I´d quickly post an update for those of you who know (or care) that we are away. Granada is a nice little town in Southern Spain, with a Moorish or Middle Eastern influence. We spent hours yesterday wandering around the Alhambra, which was great, although we are paying with our feet today… Tomorrow we leave for a few days in Sevilla. See you there.

Area codes become meaningless

A good little insight from Rafe Needleman in his new column over at ZDNet.

“The reason it won’t last: If you can get a telephone with any area or country code, the whole idea of a vanity area code will eventually evaporate. It won’t be like a real-world address, which for the most part still represents a physical location. While roaming cellular phones have already begun to make area codes irrelevant, VoIP will finish the job. Soon, area code will be one of those anachronistic telecom terms, like dialing, that doesn’t mean anything close to what it once did. “

Follow-up to Subservient Chicken

The true story comes out about the most excellent subservient chicken gimick. I mentioned it a few days ago when I first saw it; it was amazing how quickly it spread. Here is an article giving some background on how it was done, where it came from and what the thinking was: “In fact, CP+B came up with about 400 different actions that the chicken could do, and then filmed them in the course of a day in Los Angeles.”